Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Knives & Sharpeners


I designed this knife almost 30 years ago.  The one seen here is a Chinese knock-off. The frame-lock is made of stainless steel and the blade is made from series 400 stainless.  The entire unit is coated with a preservative similar to Duracoat. I checked the hardness and it and it appears to be 55 -56 Rc. It’s the size of a Car key when folded.  It has a good clip on one side which doubles as a money clip. This was designed to be an emergency knife; small but useful.  The Chinese version is made with a single bevel and no waverleys (serrations).  I modified this unit to provide the 3 serrations. 

“Bulldog” Only one available.  Modified with serrations.  $25.00.


Diamond sharpeners usually mean someone waved a diamond or a photo of a diamond over a whetstone and proclaimed it a diamond sharpener. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on these ‘false sharpeners.’ I was reluctant to ‘bite’ again.  Fortunately, I did.   These portable units are the real deal. The diamond wash is just the right consistency to move from dull to sharp – and then to remove the burrs. There’s a flat side, a round side, a hook sharpening groove.  Turn it around in the aluminum holder and you have a ‘rat tail’ for sharpening serrations.    

Diamond sharpeners-Three (3) available.

$13.00 each.


This small automatic I designed as well.  The Chinese knock-off missed the basic concept.  Small, quick, and designed to cut rapidly.  Again, they left off the serrations.  They also missed the half-click safety.  Although I was proud of this design, I’m not that keen on these Chinese version.

Automatic ‘gentlemen knife’ Two available with standard blade.  $19.00 each.

One available; modified with serrations.  $25.00.

Friday, July 12, 2013



·       4G – you can get internet from most carriers; +Movil, Movie star, Claro.

·       32GB hard wired memory. 

·       Dual SIM – GSM, quad band -- you can use one for your established number, the other for the 4G internet.

·       Dual cameras.  One in front for applications like SKYPE. The other for snapshots and video.

·       TV Tune into 6 local stations.

·       FM radio

·       SD memory slot.  Upgrade your memory to??? For photos, videos, movies…

·       Contacts: store up to 300 numbers + SIM

·       Text messaging

·       Voice mail

·       Video player

·       Music player

·       E-Book reader

·       Bluetooth

·       Games



    32 GB of internal memory.

    USB, charger…transfer cord.



    Instructions in English

    ** extra battery is $10.00


PRICE $130.00 ** WITH 2 BATTERIES $140.00

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Complete new cement plant

1 unit complete new cement plant
500.000 To clinker per year
Including ERECTION and Supervision
Year Of Build: 2013
Manufacturer: F.L. Schmidt / China licensed ISO certified
Delivery, assembly, erection and putting in operation of a complete cement production
Plant with a capacity of 0.5 Mio to clinker per year (0.6 Mio to grey cement per year).
The Plant has been projected and manufactured from one of the largest and leading Europe-Chinese cement plant manufacturers. All parts and equipment are completely new.
Design and layout of the plant is for production of Portland cement, Type 42.5
R/N. The dry process is very well known and can be inspected and controlled in many production plants erected by this manufacturer.
The complete equipment, devices and accessories can be inspected and controlled on site/location of manufacturer before loading.
Price complete as described 70,000,000 Millon EUROS

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Year Build: 2001
LOA:      286.3 Ft.
Breadth:   50   Ft.
Draught:   20   Ft.

Gross Tonnage: 4954  ITC
Net Tonnage:   1486  ITC
Air Draft:       96.5 Ft.
Cabins: 110 Beds: 220
Outside 2 Bed:    101 Cabins / 202 Beds
Inside 2 Bed:       9 Cabins /   18 Beds
Crew Cabins:
1 Bed W/Facilities  7
2 Bed W/Facilities 36 Cabins / 72 Beds


Amphibious Aircraft

Exterior: All White Exterior, Painted in 2003 – Excellent Condition
Airframe: 16,044 Hours TTS NEW
275 Hours since Extensive Rework by Victoria Aircraft Maintenance.
Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 Turbo Props, 600 S.H.P. Each LH: 6,561 TTSNEW.
2,428 SMOH by Airwork, Time Since Hot Section: 275 hours by Standard Aero RH: 6,529 TTS NEW.
2,460 SMOH by Airwork, Time Since Hot Section: 275 hours by Standard Aero
August 6th 2012 price reduced $ 1,680,000.00

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 We are offering a turn-key working Charter Business and Vessel!

This is a Dive Charter operation and can be easily adapted for cruising, the ship accommodates 12 in charter party. Plus accommodate Husband & Wife live aboard.
The ship/yacht is always fully maintained by current crew and is in full operation.
All needed authorizations and documentation required to operate in Indonesia as a foreign entity is available and transferable.
The Owner Husband and Wife are starting a Family after 4 successful year. It's time to move back home to USA.

Charter Guests:
All Cabins A/C
All Guest Cabins with; W/C & Shower
2x 2 Single Beds (Below Deck)
4x Double (Below Deck)
Master Suite / Owner
& Adjoining Office
Top Deck:
Total 12 in Charter Party

Service areas for guests
Restaurant: Yes Main deck
Bar: Yes Main deck
2 Sundecks 1x Main deck
1x Bridge deck
1x Private Upper Deck
32 Tanks
Weights: Lead 1kg, 1.5 kg, & 2 kg.

The vessel was built for private use and then sold to current owner/s.
Built: 1999 / launched: 2000
Renovated/Refit: 2009 and 2012
Length: 39.9 m
Beam: 8.5 m
Draft: 3 m
GT: 194

Traditional Indonesian Phinisi Phinisi Schooner/Charter Business

Priced for quick sale

  • Year: 2000
  • Current Price: US$ 1,250,000 
  • Located In Java, Indonesia
  • Hull Material: Wood
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel
  • The yacht is available without the business for $1,000,000USD

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tuna Purse Seiner
Year Built: 1998
Gross tonnage: 165 Tons
Loa: 33.05 m / 108 Ft.
Lbp: 28.92 m /
B: 10 m
D: 2.90 m
T: 2.08 m
Holds: 105 m³
Fuel Oil: 21.2 T + 25 T + 22T total 66.5 T
Fresh Water: 16 T

On this day: January, 2013
Price has just been reduced from 1,050 Million Euro
Asking Euro 795,000.00 seller is now serious to sell.
Your serious offer is requested.

The Ferry has a combination of operating features including, high speed catamaran ferry, shallow draft
and beach-able ferry/cargo transport, SWATH (small water-plane area twin hull) ship, and has ice
operations certification. ABS certification is +A1, (E) HSC, Ro-Ro Passenger Craft. It is certified to
operate in up to sea-state 3
this particular sea-state rating is rather conservative (this scale translates to 4’ seas). During sea-trials, it was
reported by Captain Stormont that the vessel performed admirably in 8-10’ seas with 35 knots of wind

It can carry up to 129 passengers and 7 crew. In addition the vessel can carry 20 automobiles
or equal payload of assorted heavy vehicles (freight capacity of 35 tons).

The vessel complies with the following applicable international and United States standards
and laws including but not limited to:
1. USCG Code of Federal Regulations.
2. International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft (HSC), per USCG Navigation and
Vessel Inspection Circular 6-99.
3. International Treaty for the Prevention of Pollution at Sea (MARPOL), USCG, and
4. International Maritime Organization (IMO) exhaust emissions.
5. Damage Stability IMO Code, 2000.
6. Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 2010).