Thursday, June 6, 2013

Complete new cement plant

1 unit complete new cement plant
500.000 To clinker per year
Including ERECTION and Supervision
Year Of Build: 2013
Manufacturer: F.L. Schmidt / China licensed ISO certified
Delivery, assembly, erection and putting in operation of a complete cement production
Plant with a capacity of 0.5 Mio to clinker per year (0.6 Mio to grey cement per year).
The Plant has been projected and manufactured from one of the largest and leading Europe-Chinese cement plant manufacturers. All parts and equipment are completely new.
Design and layout of the plant is for production of Portland cement, Type 42.5
R/N. The dry process is very well known and can be inspected and controlled in many production plants erected by this manufacturer.
The complete equipment, devices and accessories can be inspected and controlled on site/location of manufacturer before loading.
Price complete as described 70,000,000 Millon EUROS

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