Saturday, July 13, 2013

Knives & Sharpeners


I designed this knife almost 30 years ago.  The one seen here is a Chinese knock-off. The frame-lock is made of stainless steel and the blade is made from series 400 stainless.  The entire unit is coated with a preservative similar to Duracoat. I checked the hardness and it and it appears to be 55 -56 Rc. It’s the size of a Car key when folded.  It has a good clip on one side which doubles as a money clip. This was designed to be an emergency knife; small but useful.  The Chinese version is made with a single bevel and no waverleys (serrations).  I modified this unit to provide the 3 serrations. 

“Bulldog” Only one available.  Modified with serrations.  $25.00.


Diamond sharpeners usually mean someone waved a diamond or a photo of a diamond over a whetstone and proclaimed it a diamond sharpener. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on these ‘false sharpeners.’ I was reluctant to ‘bite’ again.  Fortunately, I did.   These portable units are the real deal. The diamond wash is just the right consistency to move from dull to sharp – and then to remove the burrs. There’s a flat side, a round side, a hook sharpening groove.  Turn it around in the aluminum holder and you have a ‘rat tail’ for sharpening serrations.    

Diamond sharpeners-Three (3) available.

$13.00 each.


This small automatic I designed as well.  The Chinese knock-off missed the basic concept.  Small, quick, and designed to cut rapidly.  Again, they left off the serrations.  They also missed the half-click safety.  Although I was proud of this design, I’m not that keen on these Chinese version.

Automatic ‘gentlemen knife’ Two available with standard blade.  $19.00 each.

One available; modified with serrations.  $25.00.

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